Costume Characters, Bespoke Mascots and Much More!!!
Unlimited Character Creation (UCC)

Is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of high quality mascot costumes & Characters.
It is very pleasing to present our company “UCC ".
We are a Peruvian-based Character & Mascot Costumes manufacturer company. We are in the business for almost 5 years producing costumes for clients worldwide.
If you are looking for a brilliant character costume, or mascot to be used in party entertaining, promotions, sport events, fund raising campaigns, logos or any other occasion, we are the right company for you.
We can design and produce beautiful practical durable costumes to suit all budgets. We have the best quality & prices in the market. You will not know how easy and inexpensive will be for your company to have a party mascot to bring joy to the children or for promotion activities helping your company giving more services and joy to your clients.

* We ship Worldwide *